Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Core Counseling Skills

Core counselor-at-law Skills i
Es take on reflections of empathic
and non-empathic actions of
interpersonal communications.
David A. Perun
Core Counseling Skills
Professor D. Coolhart
Module 1
October 12, 2009
Core Counseling Skills ii
I believe that we all in all show varying degrees of empathy in every interaction or chat that
we have with people. Whether it is just a friendly conversation between friends, or discussing an
issue with a large group, we interact and show varying degrees of empathy which allows those
we are addressing to sense that we are “ listen” and paying attention.
The amount of empathy depends on the content and issues being raised and the
individual’s desire to listen as comfortably as openness to the person(s). Upon reflection, there are many
occasionsthat jackpot be cited where empathic listening can be referenced. In the following essay, I
hope to give vitrines of empathic and non-empathic conversations as well as concepts in
support of each.
Core Counseling Skills 1
Trying to reference a specific conversation where the person I was talking with left an
impression that he or she truly understood what I was trying to say is not that difficult.

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I have many platonic interactions with friends and acquaintances, deep down my circle of intimate
friendships, I believe that we nearly unceasingly relate on an empathic level. The most recent
example that I can cite is a conversation with a friend while making lasagna. This conversation
involved a discussion over some concerns I have with one of my children. As I began speaking
to my friend, not only did her dust shift to face me, I could feel her attention and concentrate on was
directed at me. This being “In tune” with what I was not only saying, but, also what I was
implying is the hallmark of what empathic listening is all about. She was able to intuit the issues
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