Friday, March 29, 2013

Condoms: The New Diploma

In the essay Condoms: The New Diploma Rush Limbaugh explains to readers how the distributions of condoms and conjure education programs atomic number 18 promoting sex to a greater extent than preventing it. Limbaugh continues to explain that cosmos schools should be going back to more of the traditional methods such as abstinence to help prevent STDs and by chance early teen pregnancies. Overall, the argument being made by Limbaugh is sound.
I agree with Limbaughs first sentence, The logic and motive behind this countrys mad dash to zonk come to the fore free condoms in our public school is ridiculous and misguided. This flat reveals Limbaughs opposing stance towards the subject of condoms being distributed to immature students in school. When schools pass items such as condoms around, kids can tardily get the impression that its okay to use them. In this sentence he is trying to reach out and spell to the parents, and older adults who have the same feeling as he does. Limbaugh believes that the distribution of condoms is not completely promoting kids to have sex, but is also giving them the idea that condoms prevent all the consequences of sex.
In the siemens paragraph Limbaugh states that, Kids will have sex anyway, and that this logic leads to schools providing drugs, and fume proof vests.

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Although providing drugs may seem a little extreme, and perhaps a little crazy, I would have to agree with Limbaugh. If schools are massing out condoms to students, what would the difference be if they are handing out drugs? He is trying to reach out to the readers that sex isnt the only bad issue that kids are capable to, and that they are exposed to much more serious problems as well. Issues such as drug abuse, and exposure to guns are but a a couple of(prenominal) listed, so Limbaugh says if were going to hand out condoms, why not hand out more stuff to young adults such as packs of cigarettes with low tar. Limbaugh tries to bend readers that passing out condoms is the same as passing out drugs to students, and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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